How to make the most of media coverage

  1. If you have a company blog you can use your media coverage as inspiration for your next blog post.
  2. You can publicise your article on your website such as on your home page, media page or about us page. You can write a brief summary of the media coverage to include on your website with a link back to the original coverage online.
  3. Post your media coverage on your business’ social media profiles. If your spokesperson or CEO is quoted in the coverage they can post it on their personal social media profiles as well. This will help to increase the reach of the coverage as well as build your reputation.
  4. You can tell everyone in your email database about your media coverage including clients, customers, stakeholders and employees. You can create an email which summarises the media coverage and has a link back to your website to read more.
  5. If you have a regular eNewsletter you can mention the media coverage in it. You may consider writing a few sentences about the coverage and including a link to it online.