Puspanjalee made her career out of blogging

photo_2018_03_07_14_20_54Tussle and Triumph in conversation with Pushpanjalee Das Dutta who made her career as an accomplished blogger from northeast.

Please share details on your background, how and why did you start blogging?

I come from a diverse background. Being a Masters in Geography, I started my career as a research intern in UNESCO World Heritage Biodiversity Project with ATREE. Later I joined M.C. College as an Assistant Professor in Geography. But my passion for reading and writing compelled me to start a career in this field.

I started as a content writer for different websites back in 2008 since I was a student. Back then, blogging was not such a craze. It was a hobby or a kind of journal to share one’s thoughts. I too started as a hobby blogger in 2010. But my blog died the natural death within two years. I asked myself what I wanted to do with my wish to crave a platform where I can be free to explore my creativity. With that aim, I started my professional blog www.mywritingmyworld.com in 2013. Since then, there was no looking back.

The blog went to be recognised as one of the top blogs in India and included in the Top 50 Mompreneurs’ blogs in the world.

To answer why did I start blogging is little difficult. My blogging journey has passed through different stages in the last 5 years. When I started, I had no idea that I can turn it into a business. It was just a creative outlet. But once I became a mom and it became hard to go to office leaving my son behind, I decided to take the plunge. I responded to one of the business emails from a brand and worked with them. Since then, this blog has earned money for me. Now, my blog is a platform where I help thousands of people who are looking for something to do with their writing skills.

I have another blog www.foodieontheroad.com which is still a hobby blog. It is a place where I share my food and travel stories with my audience.

Can blogging be used as a sustainable career profession? if so how?

Absolutely yes! Blogging is now million dollar industry. Along with other modes of communications, blogs are now the perfect medium to showcase a product, create publicity and generate awareness. Bloggers are now the best promoter and they are here to stay. The thing in taking blogging as a professional career is that you have to be patient during the initial days. I waited two years before I made a single penny. Nowadays, it is easier to make money from a blog even within the first three months. But consistency and patience play a great role in it.

Blogging is time-consuming and demands hard work. It’s not like that you write something and brands will contact you immediately. You need to be persistent. You need to dedicate time to your blog, network with people and promote your blog. If you have these entire things in you with a flair for writing and reading, definitely blogging is the career for you.

What are your biggest setbacks and learning as a blogger?

Well, I told you that my blogging journey has passed through many phases. There was a time when I stopped blogging during my initial days as a mother. Being a new mom is hard and to maintain the blog was a bit too much for me. But what I did not stop was reading. I used to read other blogs daily and left comments. I used to share other people’s post and helping them promoting to my audience. It helped me in the long run. In the blogosphere, people remember the help and they pay back. Those leaving comments and sharing posts helped me to have great friends in the blogging world and when I came back to my blog, they helped me sending tons of traffic and recommendations to brands.

That was my biggest learning. Even if you cannot write on your blog regularly, build relationships. It helps you immensely.

How do you think today’s generation can establish themselves as established bloggers?

Blogging now is not limited to writing and endorsing someone else’s products. It now becomes the powerful tool to create a brand of your own. This branding comes with building personal relationships. For starters, always encourage your readers to leave comments and share your blog posts.

When they do that, take your time to appreciate it by replying. Helping other bloggers in your niche by endorsing them in your social media is another way to market yourself. Always be consistent in your writing. Just remember that only your writing will make you an established blogger and how you are helping your readers instead of the numbers of brands you are endorsing.

What are your next plans?

I have already taken a big leap in terms of my blogging goals when I started offering my experience to help other newbie bloggers. I run a free online blogging school where I teach people how to blog. For 2018, my planning is to create another online course where I will be teaching niche specific blogging and how to earn money from it. I have also planned to launch eBooks on the same topics.

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Puspanjalee made her career out of blogging

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