Brahmaputra Fables, the new generation platform for artisans


Tussle and Triumph in conversation with Dhruba Jyoti Deka founder of Brahmaputra Fables.

Brahmaputra Fables is a new generation integration platform for artisans.

Brahmaputra Fables was founded by Dhruba Jyoti Deka, M.Sc in chemistry from Pondicherry University, with the help of Bishal Mahanta, Assam Engineering Institute, for the silk and textiles.


How did you get the idea for Brahmaputra Fables?

When I was pursuing my masters in Pondicherry University, during our Assamese freshers or northeast festivals, my friends from other states will be like “wow yaar, you guys are so rich in culture” and it was then when I decided that why not promote our culture nationwide through a one-stop shop.

What is the problem that Brahmaputra Fables is trying to solve?

The unexpected increase in prices of brass and bell metal products in Assam was the prime reason. We identified that the core factor behind the price rise was because of the middlemen. This compelled me to target specifically on the middlemen by connecting the artisans to the consumers. We are now planning to lower our prices even more, through the application of cutting-edge technology.

The revival of endangered crafts was another objective. This was a huge concern for the well-being of local artisans because their livelihood depends on the craft they make, now with our help, they are selling locally plus globally.

How did you finance your start-up costs?

The initial investment was through loans from my friends, and after that, we are growing through bootstrapping our start-up.


How did you get your first customer?

Through one of my friend, we started social media promotion plus word of mouth did well for us and is still working for us in acquiring new customers.

The early customers were satisfied, they reviewed the products, which in turn attracted others as now they can trust the quality of Brahmaputra Fables

What is the revenue model?

We follow e-Commerce model to generate revenue. Higher the sale through our platform, the more revenue we generate.

Who are your target consumers?

Our target customers are people from all age groups with a need and purchasing power. With the variety of categories of products in our store, every age group has something to buy from the Brahmaputra Fables.

We are also targeting volume sales at a lower price to keep our customers hooked and increase the purchase volume per cart.


How did you build your core team?

We did a recruitment drive for the position of creative head of every tribe of the northeast.

Our objective to act together as a small, coherent and focused group of people trying to bring the necessary change.

What is the big picture of Brahmaputra Fables?

The very idea of Brahmaputra Fables is to promote the tradition, handicrafts, and culture of the northeast, to each and every state of India and at the global stage.

We are launching another startup in next couple of months so that for now on both will go hand in hand and complement each other to achieve that goal.

What is the success story of your start-up in your own words?

The Brahmaputra Fables is now generating revenue and we are making our customers happy.

The team at the Brahmaputra Fables believes in making our customers happy by providing the best in customer service.

We do our best to deliver their orders on time and seeing the smile on their face is what we define success for us.

What is your advice to upcoming startup founders?

Though I believe that I not in a position to give advice, as I am still learning the nuances of managing a startup, I can say one thing that if you want to start on your own, start today, at this moment, don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow someone else is going to start with a much better idea.

Brahmaputra Fables team can be reached at [email protected] or through mobile at 8638059258. The team is located at Deka commercial complex, Kotahbari, near ISBT, Guwahati-35.

Founder Dhurba Deka can be reached at

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