Assam Lawyers is unique startup in the legal domain

photo_2017_12_28_19_16_28Tussle and Triumph in conversation with Mrs.Gitali Saikia Thakuria, who along with Navajyoti Thakuria has founded Assam Lawyers


How did you get the idea for Assam Lawyers?

A lot of times when people want any legal help, they are either searching for advocate through recommendations from family and friends or go to court to find an advocate. Almost in all cases, peoples are scared in terms of legal matters and it is those cases, others take the advantage.

To make legal matters simple, we start Assam Lawyers which came into existence on 1st January 2017. AssamLawyers is the first digital advocacy system in Assam.

How did you build your core team?

As an advocate myself with exposure to the start-up ecosystem, it was easy for me to consult on startup rules and regulations. In due course of time, I roped in my fellow advocates, which help me to build my team.

What is the uniqueness of Assam Lawyers?

In our day to day life, law plays a major role. We help people to run their works through proper legal ways. Not only works but also in legal matters, we give free advise in some cases for the awareness about LAW.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Due to lack of knowledge on the various aspects of law, people faced hassles in their legal matters. We help them by showing the proper path to complete their works.

How did you finance your start-up costs?

Assam Lawyers is self-invested, bootstrapped startup.

How did you get your first customer?

Our first customer came through our Facebook page.

What is the revenue model?

At the first stage, we give free advice after that for more information we charge for it. After registration of a case on our website, the payment system depends on case matters. In some cases, we charge running bill and in some case, we give the bill after completed the case file.

Who are your target consumers?

The people who want any legal support are our targeted customer.

What is the big picture of your start-up?

As like one of my previous answer, law plays a major role in our life. Day by day, the increase in inquiry on legal issues on our portal, gives us the power and faith to continue our service. In future, if everything fits well we plan to open some branches in some selected cities.

What is the success story of your start-up in your own words?

As a start-up, we faced many obstacles in our journey. Especially in field marketing. Legal service is not a product to sell directly nor a marketing basis work. It works are completely different. In the first stage, when we tell about our start-up then a few people listen to us. For which in that time we faced many problems to run our organisation. But for the hard work today we get our position and respect in our own field.

What is your advice to upcoming startup founders?

Always start your work journey through proper legal guidance.

The team of Assam Lawyers can be reached at:
Email address: [email protected]
Registered address/communication address: AssamLawyers, Lakhimi Path, Sonaru Upa Path, House No-7, Beltola Tiniali, Guwahati-781028, Assam, India

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    এটি খুৱেই সুন্দৰ পদক্ষেপ এইটো। আইন সকলোৰে উৰ্দ্ধত হয় আৰু তাক মানি চলাটো আমাৰ সকলোৰে কৰ্তব্য। অসম লয়াৰ্ছ (Assam Lawyers), এই অনুষ্ঠান টোৱে আমাক আইনৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত নজনা কথা জানিবলৈ আৰু আইনৰ সকলো প্ৰকাৰৰ সহায় লবলৈ এটি সুন্দৰ পদক্ষেপ গ্ৰহণ কৰিছে।

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